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Course Duration: 1 Day
Course Dates: Please see our course calendar
Prerequisite: None

Introducing a completely new approach to health and safety training, this is a one-day course offering all the basics in a high impact interactive package, fantastic quality animated graphics created exclusively for the course. It includes a presentation that’s designed to be fun and get people fully involved and interested. Our course includes first class, jargon-free technical content based on what people need to know in practice, not off-putting legal language, we give clear scenarios drawn from genuine work situations to drive home practical points.

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The very latest training tips and suggestions – from grabbing and retaining attention to maximising the training experience and making sure key points are taken on board

Assessments built into the day’s training – no need for follow-on tests on separate days, taking up valuable work time

Course Description
Introducing working safely : It’s not unusual for delegates coming on an introductory course to think that accidents only happen to ‘other people’.This module stresses the realities of the human suffering behind the statistics and emphasises the importance of personal responsibility.
Defining hazard and risk : This module puts ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’ into everyday language, and uses familiar examples to show what can happen.Importantly, it makes it clear that even something that is very simple or repeated over and over again can go wrong, with serious consequences. Focusing on the six broad hazard groups, delegates are asked to think about the hazards and risks they come across in their own work.
Risk assessment’ is demystified : delegates learn that we all carry out informal assessments day in, day out.
Identifying common hazards : All the main issues are covered in this module – entrances and exits, work traffic, fire, chemicals, electricity, physical and verbal abuse, bullying, stress, noise and the working environment, slips, trips and falls, and manual handling. Each area is backed by crystal clear examples and recognisable scenarios, and useful summaries reinforce the key learning points.
Improving safety performance : This module deals with systems and processes, making sure that any jargon is explained in easily understood terms. The session bridges the gap between management and workforce,encouraging delegates to play a part in processes that are commonly seen as just down to their manager or supervisor. Other areas : including contract work, inspections, safe systems and permits, protective equipment, signage, emergency procedures, reporting and health checks – are all focused on from the delegate’s point of view.
Protecting our environment : A short but effective introduction to waste and pollution leads into a look at how organisations and individual team members can get involved in reducing environmental impacts. Memorable and thought-provoking facts and figures help drive the points home.
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Who should go on Working safely?

Working safely is for people at any level, in any sector, needing a grounding in the essentials of health and safety. Everyone at work should have an understanding of why they must ‘work safely’ – and this course offers exactly that.

Course Venue
Sir Reresby Suite, Renishaw Hall & Gardens, Sheffield, S21 3WB

Course Location
Sheffield / Rotherham / Chesterfield


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