Safety Harness Use and Inspection

Course Duration: Half Day
Location/Venue: On your Site (UK Wide)
Course Dates: To Suit Your Requirements
Max Delegate Numbers: 12

For more information or available dates please call us on 0114 349 9099.

The course is designed to ensure that all people using Safety Harness’s are safe and competent, not only to wear one correctly, but also to understand the importance and practicalities of regular inspections.

Course Description

  • What is a Safety Harness?
  • Legislation.
  • Legal Duties.
  • Steps to the Correct Fitting of the Harness.
  • Identifying the correct Connection Equipment and Anchor Points.
  • Care and Maintenance of a Safety Harness.
  • Inspection of Harness.
  • Recording Requirements.
  • Lanyards:- Fall/Work Restraint, Fall Arrest, Work Position.

Course Benefits

At the end of the course attendees will:

  • Understand why this equipment is needed.
  • Understand what type of harness and lanyard to use.
  • Know how and what to connect/attach the harness to.
  • Appreciate how the use of a Lanyard will affect working methods.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is expected to wear and inspect a harness effectively and proficiently.

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Course Venue
On your Site

Course Location
UK Wide