Excavation Inspection & Appreciation Training

Course Duration: One Day
Location/Venue: On your Site (UK Wide)
Course Dates: To Suit Your Requirements
Max Delegate Numbers: 12
Course Price: £650 + VAT

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To provide appreciation of principles and details of excavations, together with their supporting structures and their component parts  To help build competency and meet legal requirements with regards to inspections and the keeping of records.


Course Description

  • A sound knowledge of the legal obligations covering the provision and use of excavation supports.
  • The ability to identify excavation supporting components and know the reasons for their use.
  • Knowledge of standard “battering back”/“Stepping” and where and when the requirements for calculations and design are triggered.
  • An understanding of why excavations fail, including typical warning signs and typical structural defects.
  • The techniques of inspection and the completion and recording of excavation inspection reports.
  • Foundations.
  • Access and Egress.

Who Should Attend?

Supervisors and Managers with responsibility for the Inspection of Excavations and their various Supporting Structures.