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CSCS cards

CSCS Cards on construction sites

Q1Tum believes everyone is of the opinion that CSCS cards are a good thing.  They show partly that workers are competent to undertake work on construction sites.  In July 2014, changes were made by CITB, the awarding body, that qualifications are required to issue the cards, namely the then called Construction Site Operatives Card.

Previously, all that was required to obtain the card was a touch screen test and then the fee itself.  Changes have now been made and a one day Health and Safety Course is required in addition to the touch screen test in order to obtain the card.

Changes have been made and the green card is now a labourer card

We believe this introduction is a good idea as parts of the syllabus advise workers about key hazards, controls, requirements on site and safety signs.

It has been long since considered that workers were going through the motions of the touch screen test to renew the cards and not learning any new information such as the changes to chemical labelling.

The course is both fun and interactive and is available from us on a regular basis, priced very competitively at £120.00 (+VAT).  It will provide people with the knowledge to understand how to work safely on site.  Details regarding available courses can be found here.

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