NEBOSH Courses & Qualifications

Globally recognised Health & Safety qualifications


What is NEBOSH?

NEBOSH qualifications are highly respected and globally recognised across a wide range of industries. They equip individuals with the necessary skills to identify and manage hazards in the workplace, which in turn makes them a valuable asset to any employer. 

NEBOSH courses cover a wide range of subjects such as fire safety, health & safety, environmental management and more. Achieving a NEBOSH qualification shows your commitment to safety as well as a developed understanding of the importance of a safe workplace. 

NEBOSH qualifications can give you the edge you need to stand out to employers in today’s competitive job market. Ultimately, investing in a NEBOSH qualification is a great idea for anyone wishing to develop their career, train their employees or improve safety standards in their workplace. 

Who can study a NEBOSH course?

Anyone can gain a NEBOSH certificate, however making sure that you select the correct NEBOSH qualification is vital.

NEBOSH recommends that learners should have a minimum standard of English for all NEBOSH courses. This is because learners must be able to understand and communicate the concepts in the course, as well as completing exams and a short report. 

Who should take a NEBOSH course?

NEBOSH qualifications are recognised across an array of industries, however they are a particularly suitable choice for anyone looking for a career in health & safety, especially managers and supervisors as it shows a commitment to health & safety. 

​​NEBOSH qualifications also equip individuals with knowledge of global safety standards and guidelines, enabling them to lead and develop safe work environments while improving productivity in their workplaces. 

Additionally, NEBOSH qualifications are also ideal for individuals who wish to work as occupational safety and health practitioners, safety engineers, safety consultants, environmental specialists, and other related professions.

NEBOSH certificates are also important for those working in high-risk industries such as construction, gas, oil and manufacturing where health & safety training is vital. 

Why choose Q1TUM for NEBOSH Health & Safety courses?

Q1TUM are proud to be an accredited NEBOSH Gold Learner Partner. This accreditation means our NEBOSH course materials, trainers, modern convenient training facilities and learning environments are awarded with excellence. All Students will benefit from high quality tuition from expert and experienced Trainers, and constant support and guidance throughout and after the course. Q1tum have achieved to make the NEBOSH Courses both interactive and fun whilst at the same time achieving impressive pass rates.

Q1TUM also offers in-house NEBOSH Health & Safety courses so that you can save money if you are wanting to train multiple delegates.

Our NEBOSH courses run throughout the year at our training centre in Sheffield at the scenic Renishaw Hall & Gardens, where delegates can benefit from a dedicated learning environment, knowledgeable trainers and beautiful views!



How long is a NEBOSH course?

The duration of the course all depends on the qualification:

  • NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety & NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction are both 10-day courses delivered as either a day release (1 day a week for 10 weeks) or as a block (10 consecutive days).
  • The NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety & NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate is 6 days, both delivered as a day Release (1 day a week for 6 weeks). 
  • The NEBOSH Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals is for 1 academic year (1 day a week for 38 weeks split into 3 units).

What is the highest NEBOSH certificate?

No NEBOSH certification is higher than another as they all specialise in different areas of the industry. For example, the NEBOSH General Certificate is general in nature, and relevant to every workplace and organisation. 

The NEBOSH Health & Safety Management for Construction leans more towards those working in the construction industry, sites, and workplaces. It covers more information on the Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations. It is also recognised by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme which is highly important for those working on construction sites wishing to become a site manager/supervisor.

The NEBOSH Fire & Environmental are usually courses delegates study after attending either the NEBOSH General or Construction as it provides them with the necessities and knowledge to go into a more specialised role.

Is NEBOSH equivalent to a degree?

The NEBOSH Diploma is equivalent to an honours degree. 

What is the difference between NEBOSH General Certificate and NEBOSH Diploma?

The NEBOSH General Certificate is a Level 3 qualification the equivalent to an A Level, for many delegates it is a first step towards a career in occupational health and safety, who are looking to become a manager, along with others who are wishing to advance their career in the industry. It is considered the industry standard when recruiting employees. 

The NEBOSH Diploma is a level 6 qualification which is the equivalent to an honours degree. Many students who have taken the NEBOSH General Certificate progress to studying the NEBOSH National Diploma as it opens doors into a more specialist SHEQ role (Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality). It is one of the most highly valued qualifications in the world for health and safety professionals and is considered the gold standard amongst all Health and Safety qualifications.

What is the pass rate on NEBOSH?

The national average pass rate is around 80%, Q1tum are well above this at a standard 92% and above, this is reflected in us being made a Gold Learning Partner. 

This accreditation awarded by NEBOSH is due to our ongoing support, pass rates, standard of tutors/training, course materials and learning environments being stamped with excellence.

How long does a NEBOSH qualification last?

A NEBOSH qualification is a life-time qualification, there is currently no expiry date or requirement for a refresher course. However, NEBOSH have recently changed and restructured their syllabuses and how they are examined. Delegates who took their qualifications before 2014 may benefit from revisiting.