Face Fit Testing

Course Duration: Dependent on the number of Delegates
Location/Venue: On your Site (UK Wide)
Course Dates: To Suit Your Requirements
Max Delegate Number/Course Price:
1-8 Delegates (Half Day) = £400
For more than 8 Delegates (One Day) = £650

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Here at Q1tum Face-Fit testing is catered to our customers demands and needs, by using the operatives masks they wish to be tested on, to ensure RPE provides adequate protection at all times – especially during these incertain times where maxium protection is needed for all employees.



Eating and drinking beforehand

• Participants should refrain from eating, drinking (other than water), and smoking within 30 minutes of their allocated time slot.

What to do if someone fails a Face Fit test?

• Remember, you can be tested twice on the same respirator.
• You only fail if you fail twice on the same size and model of respirator.

How often do failures happen?

• It is not unusual to find that some people have difficulty obtaining a reliable fit with their selected respirator. This is not surprising as it is impossible to design a respirator that fits everybody.         When this occurs, an alternative respirator of a different design or size, but with at least the same level of protection, can be offered. The Face Fit Test is then repeated using this alternative   model.

• Usually just one alternative model or size is needed to achieve a pass of the Face Fit Test second time around.

How to select an alternative respirator to use

• There are a range of different respirators. We are confident that there is an effective, comfortable alternative for anyone who does not pass the Face Fit Test . Ensure the alternative respirator selected offers the same level of protection.

Repeat Fit Testing

• Arrange for Face Fit testing on an alternative model or size as soon as possible for anyone failing the Face Fit Test.



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